Ask The Trainer #101 – Best Karbolyn Dosages For Sports

Ask The Trainer #101 - Best Karbolyn Dosages For Sports


Hi, I’m a D1 football player and I love Karbolyn. Is 1 scoop before, 1 scoop intra, and 1 scoop post good for football practice and lifting. Is this too much?




Hi, Drew. I’m happy to hear you love the product! Karbolyn is definitely among the top-selling products EFX Sports has to offer! Now on to your question…

Karbolyn is a carbohydrate formula that is unique in the way it can be converted into glycogen to be used as energy, and at a much more rapid rate than other types of carbohydrates.

Our bodies store carbohydrates as glycogen within our muscles and liver. Although it can store a significant amount of glycogen, those stores can be depleted relatively quickly when we engage in prolonged or high-intensity physical activity. When glycogen levels deplete, the first thing we notice is overall fatigue and impaired physical performance.

This is why athletes should plan their carbohydrate consumption around key training sessions and athletic events, based on their personal carbohydrate requirements.

Activity Level vs Carbs

Since your activity levels fluctuate from day to day, your carbohydrate intake should correspond with the amount of activity you subject yourself to each day.

On days you undergo high amounts of physical activity, or brutal training sessions, 1 serving of Karbolyn prior to physical activity, 1 serving during activity, and 1 serving immediately after your activity will help maximize your training performance, your recovery between bouts of intense activity, and the productivity of your training sessions.

In contrast, when you engage in little to no physical activity your carbohydrate requirements are much less. Therefore, you won’t need to consume nearly the amount of carbohydrates you’d consume on those days you undergo prolonged or intense physical activity.

To conclude, it’s safe to take Karbolyn before, during, and after football practice or intense workouts. If you’re taking in too many carbohydrates, your body will reflect this by exhibiting unwanted weight gain or increases in body fat.

As long as you continue to obtain satisfactory results, and you feel good taking Karbolyn at those key times, I say go ahead and continue adhering to that same dosage schedule.

I hope this helps answer your question. I wish you all the best in your training and athletic endeavors!

Prove ‘Em Wrong,
Chad Shaw

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