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Glutamine Gumdrops

Since I discovered EFX Sports glutamine powder last month, it has been my best friend! This is a fun recipe that is SO EASY to make it’s not even funny. To get the gumdrop shape, I used those ice cube trays that have the rubber on the bottom so you can push the cubes out. This is the only ice cube tray you should use for this because you won’t be able to get them out if you use the traditional plastic kind. Blue was the color I chose because Glutamine pills are blue. But, you can make them any color you like or none at all.

Strawberry Post-Workout Recovery Complex

You will see most people talking about their pre-workout drinks. But, what drink would actually help you recover from the beating you just gave yourself in the gym or on the field? Your muscles have some pretty specific post-training needs. First, they could really use a nice flood of branched chain amino acids now rather than whey protein, which needs to be digested. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) don’t need to be digested and are readily available to the body

Ask The Trainer #99 -The Best Products For Muscle Mass

Ask The Trainer #99 -The Best Products For Muscle Mass

QUESTION: What are your best products for muscle mass gains? If it’s Karbolyn, Also, I’d like to know if one really has to take it with so much water: 10-16 ounces. What are the reasons for that amount of water? Is it really more effective for putting on weight/muscle with that much water? Thanks!! Jim […]