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Karbolyn Gummies

You can make gummies with just about all of the EFX Sports powdered supplements. But, when you mix them with gelatin, there are specific requirements to make them come out perfect. Gelatin can be a bit more ‘picky’ than water, so I’ve turned my kitchen into a ‘gummy candy science lab’ and taken the guesswork out of it for you. When I first made Karbolyn gummies, I thought Karbolyn would behave like sugar in a gelatin recipe. I was wrong.

No Carb Gummy Bears

My former neighbor, a ginormous German bodybuilder named Thomas, used to tell me that gummy bears were pretty much a “health food” and that he eats them on a regular basis. This was sage advice, but if you cannot afford the extra sugar because you are cutting, on a ketogenic diet, or you are diabetic, then gummy bears are not an option for you—until now. Simply Dez to the rescue!

Ask The Trainer #108 – Chest Training For Women

QUESTION: Hi. I had a bit of a strange question for you. Recently, I began doing weight training workouts 3 times per week. I do weight exercises for all of my muscles groups, with the exception of my chest. I’ve heard that if women train their chest muscles with weights that it will make our […]

Ask The Scientist #23 – Why Karbolyn Is A Better Carb

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In this episode, Dr. Jeff Golini explains the scientific basis behind why his invention Karbolyn works so well, especially compared to other carbohydrate products on the market. Ask The Scientist is a show dedicated to busting myths and giving you the truth. Dr. Jeff Golini is here to answer your most pressing questions about ingredients […]