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EP6: WARNING – If You Love and Use Creatine Listen Up!

May 12, 2021

This live session is to inform you of the current shortage of creatine supplies worldwide. One look at the store shelves in the creatine section should tell you all you need to know. Beyond the importance of knowing this, the much BIGGER issue this brings about is how some companies and manufacturers may likely cheat by cutting their products. It’s simple supply and demand. When the supply dries up and prices soar, every brand has to raise their prices, eat the lost profit…or cut their products to stay in the black. Buyer beware. (We saw this one coming for months, so we put a solid plan in place to hedge our bet and keep Kre-Alklayn production strong.)

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Fitness, Nutrition, and Supplementation Experts Dr. Jeff Golini and Brian Andrews cover topics based on achieving greater athletic performance and building a better body.

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