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Greatness is not achieved by accident – greatness is earned. To stand above the rest you will require dedication, discipline, consistency, persistence, and vision. Spellbound Nutrition was founded on the belief that EVERYONE can be “great,” and thus we understand that WE TOO must strive for greatness.

Every product in the Spellbound Nutrition line was created, not to just meet “the standard,” but to far EXCEED it. Our goal from the outset was to deliver a profoundly higher level of purity, quality, innovation, and effectiveness. Our R & D team spent countless hours testing and retesting each formulation to make sure they would manifest results far beyond anything you may have tried before.

Our 150,000-square-foot cGMP manufacturing facility is nothing less than state-of-the-art, filled with the most technologically advanced equipment currently available. Every supplement that leaves these doors meets the level of greatness that we intended and that YOU deserve.

“If you want to be really good then learn to start pushing your limits. If you want to be extraordinary, do not even acknowledge that any exist.” –  Eric “Merlin” Broser/CEO Spellbound Nutrition

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Power Potion Pink Lemonade

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Merlin’s Vanishing Formula

Metabolism Modulator

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Legendary Recovery Tropical Punch

Merlin’s Legendary Recovery

Post Growth Amplifier

$39.99 or $32.99 / monthSelect options

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