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ESPX2 Method by Eric Broser

The ESPX2 Training Method

February 23, 2023

After a few months of using the ESPX2 training method, you will not need ESP to know what people are thinking when they see you. “Wow, this guy is huge,” will be written all over their shocked faces!

Latest Posts

eric broser side raise

3 Week Shoulder Shocker

January 19, 2023

Coach Eric Broser explains how to build thick, dense, and freakishly-rounded shoulders that will turns head wherever you go.

Gym Pitfalls: Avoid These Things While Pumping Iron

Gym Pitfalls: Avoid These Things While Pumping Iron

December 20, 2022

Are you a victim of these gym pitfalls? Eric "Merlin" Broser shares the biggest areas where athletes fail while training in their quest to dominate in the gym.

Eric Broser Dumbbell Flyes

Tweak to Become a Freak: Pecs Edition

November 8, 2022

Eric "Merlin" Broser shares a few unique movements that may help you pump an grow your chest to new levels.

Machines For Mass

Machines for Muscle Mass

October 10, 2022

Eric "Merlin" Broser shares some of his favorite machine exercises you can use to build herculean strength, size, and power.

Tweak and Be a Freak: Biceps Edition

September 20, 2022

Coach Broser gives a few cool ways to tweak some basic curling movements to help make them more productive and ignite a new jolt of growth!

Eric Broser

6 Common Biceps Training Mistakes That Will Negatively Affect Your Gains

September 6, 2022

Coach Eric Broser shares the most common mistakes people make when trying to grow monster biceps. Are you making them?


Strategic Stretching

August 18, 2022

The subject of stretching, as it applies to muscular hypertrophy isn't commonly discussed – although it certainly should be. Learn more here.

eric broser

6 Pack Abs: Merlin’s Master Class

August 9, 2022

Eric "Merlin" Broser explains how to create a ripped-to-shreds midsection that makes jaws drop and turns heads.

Eric Broser

8 Things To Avoid After Your Workout Is Complete

June 28, 2022

Are you making any or all of these 8 vital mistakes? If so, it’s time to make some corrections if you want to turn your hard work into brand new muscle!

Eric Broser

10 Big Lifts for Manifesting Massive Strength

June 16, 2022

The ability to be able to handle heavier weights, especially in compound lifts, will eventually translate into increased muscle mass, improved performance on the field, and even better quality of life.

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