Blue Crush Pre-Workout Stack

  • Yield:1 serving
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Time:10 minutes

Blue Crush Pre-Workout Stack is a mouthwatering and refreshingly cold pre-workout stack that will power you through your workout! You can make a concentrate and freeze it into ice cubes so it will become the perfect pre-workout drink as it melts. This is awesome if you drink it in a hot car on your way to the gym, or if you exercise outdoors.

Karbolyn is a fast absorbing carbohydrate that turns into glycogen quicker than the sugar typically found in sports drinks—which turns to fat easier—just what we all need right? Karbolyn is revolutionary because even though it is a fast absorbing carbohydrate, it contains no actual sugar.

EFX Sports Training Ground PRE is loaded with great ingredients to stimulate you without the jitters. There is some caffeine in the Training Ground PRE—about as much as a good cup or two of coffee, but a lot cooler and more refreshing!

The two flavors work well together to create the perfect summer energy-giving formula—and make some amazing looking blue cubes!



If you want to make the Blue Crush ice cubes, take an ice cube tray and fill it with water. Pour the water you put in the ice cube tray into a pitcher and add the Karbolyn and Training Ground PRE. Shake or stir well until it’s mixed. Pour the mixture back into the ice cube tray and freeze for several hours. If they don’t want to come out of the ice cube tray, simply run a little hot water over the back of the ice cube tray and that will do the trick. When you want to use them, simply put the ice cubes in a shaker cup and add water until full. As they melt, they will make a refreshing and delicious pre-workout drink with electric blue ice cubes. Your friends will marvel at yours as they toss back their depressing lukewarm pre-workout drinks!

If you just want to have your drink the simple way, you can always just pour the mixes into the cup and add water and ice.


Calories: 200
Carbs: 50 g