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Ask The Trainer #10 – Training 6 Days Per Week

Ask The Trainer #10 - Training 6 Days Per Week

QUESTION: I have been working out with maximum intensity 6 days a week, but I don’t seem to be gaining at all? My workouts are good because I’m always sore the next day. Am I not taking the right supplements or perhaps not taking in enough protein? I usually get around 300 grams of protein […]

Ask The Trainer #9 – Build Arms Faster

Ask The Scientist #9 - Using Karbolyn Pre-Contest

QUESTION: What is the best way to build my arms fast? Brent B. ANSWER: Brent, arms has always been my favorite body part to train. Unfortunately, when I began working out, I didn’t understand the concept of overtraining. Consequently, I suffered many injuries and ultimately short-changed myself in terms of the amount of possible size I […]