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Ask The Trainer #81 – Gaining Size After A Plateau

Ask The Trainer #81 - Gaining Size After A Plateau

QUESTION: I have had a lot of trouble lately gaining size, even with really intense training, and infrequent training similar to what you do. I have been hovering at around the same size for around 5 or 6 years but with steady strength increases during this time. What should do to start gaining again? Jason […]

Ask The Trainer #39 – Best EFX Sports Products For Your Goals

Ask The Scientist #22 - Solubility & Supplements

QUESTION: Will EFX supplements affect my belly fat for which I am struggling and also what is its effect on overall body weight and muscle bulk. Can it increase my ability to do more exercise without being exhausted? Thanks. Abdul ANSWER: Hey, Abdul, great question! Quality supplements, like those made by EFX Sports, can definitely […]