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Ask The Trainer #95 – Kre-Alkalyn, Lean Fix & Muscle Strains

Ask The Trainer #95 - Kre-Alkalyn, Lean Fix & Muscle Strains

QUESTION: Hi, I was wondering if stacking Kre-Alkalyn, and Lean Fix together would be beneficial? I’ve done it before but I strained my hamstring sprinting. I’ve started doing it again, and there’s times when I feel like my quads are really tight when I’m sprinting. Could this be because I’m taking both of the supplements […]

Ask The Scientist #19 – Peaking For A Physique Contest

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In this episode, Dr. Jeff Golini shares the best way for a natural athlete to stay full and still get ‘dry’ for a physique contest. Ask The Scientist is a show dedicated to busting myths and giving you the truth. Dr. Jeff Golini is here to answer your most pressing questions about ingredients and products […]

EFX Sports Show 17: Hydration And Today’s Athlete

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This episode is about Hydration and its importance to athletic performance. It’s one the most overlooked aspects in the athletic world today. Listen now! Have A Question? Do you have a question for Dr. Golini and Brian Andrews? Would you be a great guest for the show? Click the button below to submit your question […]