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Ask The Scientist #35 – Training & Working Hard

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In this episode, Dr. Jeff Golini shares how to handle working a strenuous job while also maintaining a weight training program. Ask The Scientist is a show dedicated to busting myths and giving you the truth. Dr. Jeff Golini is here to answer your most pressing questions about ingredients and products because the truth starts […]

Ask The Trainer #67 – Beating Fatigue

Ask The Trainer #67 - Beating Fatigue

QUESTION: Hi, Chad. Which supplement can I take to overcome my tiredness, due to working a lot? Paul ANSWER: Hi, Paul. I’m gonna hit this from a couple of different angles here. I could just throw a quick fix supplement at you to take that would give you an immediate boost. However, I don’t feel […]

Ask The Trainer #39 – Best EFX Sports Products For Your Goals

Ask The Scientist #22 - Solubility & Supplements

QUESTION: Will EFX supplements affect my belly fat for which I am struggling and also what is its effect on overall body weight and muscle bulk. Can it increase my ability to do more exercise without being exhausted? Thanks. Abdul ANSWER: Hey, Abdul, great question! Quality supplements, like those made by EFX Sports, can definitely […]

Ask The Trainer #32 – Testosterone & Energy

Ask The Trainer #32 - Testosterone & Energy

QUESTION: I’m 50 years old and weigh 208lbs. with a body fat of over 27%. I have problems with Aspartic Acid, Tongkat Ali and cant’ take Any Caffeine. Test boosters are worthless, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on them with no results. Took Androgel 1.62% for 4 months, with no results. I work out at […]