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EFX Sports Show 48: Meet Wade Johnson Elite Powerlifter & Trainer

EFX Sports Show

Dr. Jeff Golini and Brian Andrews speak with Wade Johnson. He is a lifetime drug-free powerlifter with world-class lifts. Listen now! Have A Question? Do you have a question for Dr. Golini and Brian Andrews? Would you be a great guest for the show? Click the button below to submit your question or to tell […]

Ask The Trainer #63 – Build A Bigger Chest

Ask The Trainer #63 - Build A Bigger Chest

QUESTION: Hey Chad, In your opinion, what do you think is the best way¬†to bulk up my chest? is heavy weight/less reps better than lighter weight/high reps? is a wide grip on a bench press better than a medium? should I concentrate more on incline/decline bench rather than flat bench? Wes ANSWER: Hi Wes, I’ve […]