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Protein Banana Split

What if I told you it was possible to have a banana split that was actually GOOD for you? Guess what—it is possible! It’s also pretty easy too. We will also be making our own chocolate syrup that is entirely sugar-free, ridiculously easy to make, and super yummy too! Can this day get any better? Well, maybe it can—perhaps a hole in the ceiling will open up and few million dollars, a pair of unicorns, a rainbow, and a calorie-free pizza will mysteriously drop into my living room.

Protein Cookie Dough

This ready-to-eat protein cookie dough is a cheat food I have eaten several times rather than going out and really cheating on my lifestyle. Note: I don’t use the 4 letter ‘D’ word—diet!. This is a cheat food that is not entirely a cheat food, so you don’t have to feel too guilty after eating it. Well, not as guilty as indulging in a slice of pecan pie anyway…

Orange Superfood Protein Shake

Honestly, I had no idea to what to call this shake! There are no actual oranges in this shake at all (unless you want one), yet it tastes like orange because of the Baobab fruit powder. I also have added a few other orangey fruits to make it orange in color. Few people have probably heard ever of the Baobab tree, so I figured it’s best not to call it by that name. I’ve heard of it (yes, I’m a Geek) because it was on some of the many nature documentaries I watched when I was little, and also my mom was a horticulturist.

Superfood Protein Smoothie Bowl

What food calls summer to mind more than an icy cold smoothie? Here is a delicious and nutritious smoothie bowl with ingredients your body will thank you for—beginning with your taste buds—this will leave your body happy from the inside out! We all know fruit is good for us, but there are some things these particular fruits do that are really worth noting.