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Cherry Protein Cheesecake

The other name I had for this recipe is Chad’s No bake, No Cheat Cherry Cheesecake. If you look at the macros, they are actually better for you than most protein bars on the market! Why? They have no soy or corn syrup. Why cherries in particular? Red tart cherries contain compounds that can act as natural painkillers, and every athlete can use all the help they can get in that department!

Blueberries & Cream Protein Shake

Ok so maybe I don’t get an A+ for originality here, but there’s nothing quite like a post workout blueberry shake, with its protein for gains and medium glycemic carbs for refueling. Most of us know blueberries are good to ingest, particularly after a workout because they contain anthocyanins and calcium D-glucarate.

Apple Cinnamon Protein Shake

Here is a super simple shake that’s ideal for a quick post-workout refuel chug. Having a travel blender is golden so I don’t even have to wait the 7 minutes it takes to get home to refuel post workout. I bring a knife to cut the apple, the blender, and all of the powdered ingredients in a small jar or Tupperware.