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Mixed Berry Kiwi Karbolyn Cubes

Here’s a fun way to take your supplements, make them into ice cubes! This one is a delicious, vegan-friendly concoction of rocket fuel that is sure to power you through your workout like a freight train!

Protein Peanut Butter Cookies

This is the first protein cookie recipe I have ever attempted, frankly because I thought it could not be done. It did take two tries to get it the way I wanted it, but the first attempt had a lot of promise, the second = perfect. So enjoy!

Fresh Pesto

For years, the only pesto I’ve ever used was pesto from a jar until decided to try making it myself. Shame on me! I’ve never known the pleasure of fresh pesto until last night. As always, I like to take recipes and tweak them to reduce calories or use healthier ingredients. I did just that! Enjoy!