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Ask The Trainer #21 – Booty Talk

Ask The Trainer #21 - Booty Talk

QUESTION: Hi Chad, I have been competing in figure for 7 years. It was a desire I’d had since I was 18. I did my first show at 45. Since then I have competed in 12 shows. My highest placing was 2nd place in 2012 at the Washington state ironman. Just last month, after taking […]

Ask The Trainer #20 – Cycling Off Supplements

Ask The Trainer #20 - Cycling Off Supplements

QUESTION: Do you have to cycle off of Kre-Alkalyn? Also, I was wondering if it is helpful to take citrulline and arginine? Any side effects? Note: I’m 69 years old and work out and play tennis. I’m in pretty good shape. Thank you. Luigi ANSWER: Luigi, First of all, I want to congratulate you maintaining […]

Ask The Trainer #19 – Steady-State Cardio

Ask The Trainer #19 - Steady-State Cardio

QUESTION: Chad my name is Darrin. My question is about cardio. I keep hearing that steady state cardio is not worth doing. Some trainers say just use shorter rest periods in between weight sessions. I still like to do 35-40 minutes of cardio. ANSWER: Hi, Darrin. I recommend cardio sessions not extending much beyond 20 […]

Ask The Trainer #18 – Shedding Fat and Cellulite (Part 2 of 2)

Ask the Scientist #56 – Burning Fat With BCAAs

QUESTION (From Part 1): Hi Chad, I’ve been a fitness enthusiast and weightlifter for about 5-6 years. I’m a 28 year old female, 5’4″ and about 145lbs. I would approximate my body fat to be about 18-22%, so I feel that I am relatively lean with a decent amount of muscle. Like many females, I […]