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EFX Better You

Here we go!!

Share a pic of you in the gym or wherever you might be training. Let us know how you are feeling as you start this journey to a BETTER YOU! Make sure to tag @efxsports and use the #EFXSports & #EFXBETTERYOU hashtags.

Nutrition is key!

Show us a picture of your meal prep or share a fit friendly recipe you’ve learned! Make sure to tag @efxsports and use the #EFXSports & #EFXBETTERYOU hashtags.

What’s SUP?

How do you supplement your training & nutrition regimen? Show us what supplements you are taking by posting a picture of you stack! Make sure to tag @efxsports and use the #EFXSports & #EFXBETTERYOU hashtags.

The most important nutrient: WATER!

Show us how you are increasing your water intake! Post a pic or video with any suggestions you might have for someone trying to drink more H2O. Make sure to tag @efxsports and use the #EFXSports & #EFXBETTERYOU hashtags.

Do you even lift?

What’s one of your favorite moves? Share a picture or video describing the workout move so someone can add it to their workout too! Make sure to tag @efxsports and use the #EFXSports & #EFXBETTERYOU hashtags.

With motivation we can overcome anything!

Does someone inspire you, do you want to be fit and healthy for your family, do YOU inspire yourself by how far you’ve come? Let us know with a post on social! Make sure to tag @efxsports and use the #EFXSports & #EFXBETTERYOU hashtags.

The faster you recover, the faster you may see results!

What’s your favorite way to recover? Massage, BCAA’s, foam rolling? We want to hear what works for you! Post a picture or a video and make sure to tag@efxsports and use the #EFXSports & #EFXBETTERYOU hashtags.

What comes next?

How will you build on your fitness success after your “after” photo? Share your post challenge goals. What’s next for you? Make sure to tag @efxsports and use the #EFXSports & #EFXBETTERYOU hashtags.

It’s time to celebrate!!

You’ve built a BETTER YOU, one change at a time! It’s time to look back at how far you’ve come and celebrate!! Post your after pics and stats to show everyone how your hard work has paid off. Make sure to tag @efxsports and use the #EFXSports & #EFXBETTERYOU hashtags.

Join us for a journey of self-discovery to unleash the


EFX wants to help YOU transform your body and WIN $$, Supplements and an all-expense paid trip to their manufacturing facility for a tour and training session – WOW!

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How can you win? Dedicate yourself to our 8-week challenge, improve your physique, achieve your fitness goals and take back your self-confidence once and for all. Then show us how you did it!

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Dedicate yourself to our 8-week challenge!

Improve your physique, achieve your fitness goal and
take back your self-confidence once and for all.

Participate in our weekly challenges!

Be social! Stay accountable.

Complete the challenge and submit your “After Photos”

It’s time to shine! Show us how hard you worked
with your final submission! Set new goals and watch
your life continue to change for the better!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the contest work?
  • Register & submit your before photos anytime between December 11th and January 7th.
  • Everyone starts the challenge together on January 8th.
  • January 8- March 10, EFX will issue a weekly challenge.
  • Post proof of yourself achieving the challenge on Twitter, or Instagram
  • Tag your post #EFXBETTERYOU @efxsports
  • Challenges can be found on the main challenge page, weekly emails, and social media
  • One participant per week will win the prize of the week.
2. How do I register?

To enter, Contestant agrees to the Terms & Conditions and must fill out a registration form and submit three (3) “before” photographs of themselves between December 11, 2017, and January 7, 2018, in “JPG” (.jpg) format. The front view must include the present day’s newspaper with the date clearly showing or the contest hashtag (#EFXBETTERYOU) written or printed. Front body view, back body view, body side view (though not required, ¾ body or full body pictures are best for showing Contestant’s full transformation). Contestant must be clothed in a bathing suit or similar clothing. Contestant must also submit three (3) “After” photographs between March 4, 2018, and 11:59 p.m. EST March 10, 2018 (“Final Submission Period”), with the same requirements noted above. In no event will materials be accepted after 11:59 p.m. EST on March 10, 2018. False, deceptive, or incomplete entries shall render the Entrant ineligible. By submitting their e-mail address, Entrant consents to receive future marketing and promotional materials from EFX Sports.

3. Is the Challenge free?

Participation in the EFX BETTER YOU Challenge is absolutely FREE!

4. How and when will winners be chosen?

A committee of judges from EFX Sports will choose one winner weekly and the grand prize winners at the end of the challenge. Winners will be notified via email weekly and the Grand Prize winners will be notified by March 30th.

5. Is this contest open to U.S. residents only?

It is open to residents of the United States, Canada (except Quebec), and Mexico. Some restrictions do apply so please refer to the official Terms & Conditions.

6. Do I need to register via form or submit before and after pictures?

YES! You need to register (which includes uploading (3) before photos) in order to participate.

7. How do I know if I successfully signed up for the weekly emails?

You will be taken to a success page, as well as receive an email from EFX within a few minutes of registering. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk or spam folder.

8. When does the Challenge begin and end?

Your challenge dates are January 8-March 10.

9. Can I change/update my start date?

Nope. Everyone is in this together and starts on JANUARY 8th.

10. What if the Challenge has already started? Can I still compete?

You can still participate in the weekly challenges and will be considered for the weekly prizes but you won’t be in the running for the grand prize.

11. Do I have to complete every weekly challenge?

No. Do as many or as few as you’d like. But remember: the more challenges you do, the more you could win! The challenges are also meant to keep you motivated and accountable.

12. Am I required to purchase EFX supplements?

You may workout, eat, and/or supplement in whatever way works for you or as prescribed by your personal trainer or healthcare provider.

13. Will my weekly challenge pictures and videos be private?

No, all your photos will be public if you post them to your social channels.

14. What if my email address changes during the contest?

Communications regarding the contest will be sent to the email address on file. It is your responsibility to notify us at betteryou@efxsports.com of a change.

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