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Life at the U #10: Why I Compete: Powerlifting

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What is it like to step up to the platform and complete a big lift? It’s everything! You train hard so that you can leave all your training out on the platform. There is also traveling, you meet others like you, who are JUST AS DRIVEN to perform on the platform. So there is that.

Life at the U #9: Increase YOUR MAX bench-press!

Trying to increase your max bench press? Check your form! A great lift starts with form, RJ takes you through food placement, shoulders, unracking, and what you’ll need whether you are weight training, bodybuilding, or preparing for a competition. RJ Hizon is a top-ranked powerlifter and competes all over the USA. He is also one […]

Life at the U #8: Pushing Through Being Sore with RJ Hizon

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How to come back after a tough workout like a champ! RJ Hizon takes you through a tough workouts as he prepares for his upcoming competition. (39 days out). The goal is to prepare to for his heaviest lift. It’s easy to get fatigued, but he uses it as his motivation!