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Ask The Trainer #5 – Recovering From An Injury

QUESTION: Chad, I am 65 years old. About 5 years ago I was in the best shape of my life then started having problems with my shoulder. Weights in the gym slowly dropped until I had to quit. Eventually, I had rotator cuff surgery. It’s taken about 18 months now and it is finally started […]

Ask The Trainer #4 – Losing Body Fat

QUESTION: How can I lose body fat without losing muscle? I hate cardio! – Sean S. ANSWER: Thanks for your question, Sean. This is among the most common questions that I receive. Many people believe that in order to shed body fat, they must also sacrifice significant amounts of muscle mass. This simply is not […]

Ask The Trainer #3 – Meet Chad Shaw Part 3

Meet Chad Shaw – Part 3… Beginning to exercise again was EXTREMELY humbling… I barely had the strength to get out of a chair. Let alone workout. With as much pain as I was in and as weak as I felt, I had to force myself to begin doing some light exercise. Now when I […]

Ask The Trainer #2 – Meet Chad Shaw Part 2

Meet Chad Shaw – Part 2… June 3rd, 2014 is a date I’ll NEVER forget… It was a Tuesday. I dropped to the floor in the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt in my life. Minutes later, an ambulance rushed me to the hospital. And… shortly after I arrived, I went into emergency surgery for […]