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Ask The Trainer #9 – Build Arms Faster

QUESTION: What is the best way to build my arms fast? Brent B. ANSWER: Brent, arms has always been my favorite body part to train. Unfortunately, when I began working out, I didn’t understand the concept of overtraining. Consequently, I suffered many injuries and ultimately short-changed myself in terms of the amount of possible size I […]

Ask The Trainer #8 – Myostatin Inhibitors

QUESTION: What do you think of myostatin inhibitors? I am asking because my workout partner bought one of these products. After doing my own research I am on the fence. I am aware that Myostatin is something the human body produces to slow and regulate muscle growth. I don’t know if stopping something your body […]

Ask The Trainer #7 – Best Products For Muscle Growth

QUESTION: Hello Chad. I was wondering what are the top powders or pills to help muscle growth. I am 47 and workout very hard. But my muscles slowly go away on my off days. Thank you. ANSWER: Thanks for your question…let’s get right to it! The following are my “must-have” supplements: 1. Creatine When I supplement […]

Ask The Trainer #6 – Protein Powders

QUESTION: Protein powders confuse me. Some guys at my gym say that all whey protein is pretty much the same. They I could spend $15 at a discount store or $50 for the same thing at some fancy nutrition store. At first, I believed this. But after 3 months of no results, I’m beginning to […]