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Ask The Trainer #13 – Higher Reps To Get Lean

QUESTION: I’m trying to lean out and get more defined. Is lifting lighter weights and doing higher rep sets pretty much the way to go? Thanks, Greg ANSWER: Hi, Greg! This a common wide-spread myth is believed to be true among many fitness enthusiasts. The strategy of using lighter weights and higher reps is certainly not […]

Ask The Trainer #12 – Head-Turning Vascularity

QUESTION: Hi Chad. I just want to say that your physique is amazing for a natural bodybuilder and I really hope that I can reach your level one day! Anyways, I had a question about vascularity. I seem to get good pumps in the gym, but none of my veins are really visible. You’re extremely […]

Ask The Trainer #11 – Ultra-Low Bodyfat

QUESTION: Hi Chad, does it happen that when a person gets very lean, (below 8%) joints start hurting? Recently I have developed severe pain in my elbows and my left shoulder. I’m at 7.5% and my goal is 5%. But I’m wondering if this pain continues to grow in this manner, I won’t be able […]

Ask The Trainer #10 – Training 6 Days Per Week

QUESTION: I have been working out with maximum intensity 6 days a week, but I don’t seem to be gaining at all? My workouts are good because I’m always sore the next day. Am I not taking the right supplements or perhaps not taking in enough protein? I usually get around 300 grams of protein […]