Slim, Sexy, & Strong #8: 5 Effective Shoulder Exercises

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Hey everyone, it’s Samantha here again with EFX Sports, bringing you another video for Slim, Sexy, and Strong with Samantha Roldan. I’m actually headed to the gym. I’m going to be targeting shoulders today, just doing five exercises. It’s pretty much my golden number when it comes to one hour isolated workouts.

I’m going to show you some cable work along with some barbell work and, um, just some really great ways to target your shoulders. So come along.

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So, the first movement is an Overhead Press. As you can see, it’s a slow and controlled motion all the way to the top and at the bottom. I’m not bouncing the weight off. I’m just making sure that I’m breathing through each rep and that everything is nice and even.

So, when you’re doing an Upright Row, it’s really important to remember that you want to drive your elbows out and up, instead of behind you. That way you’re getting a proper full range of motion.

One of my favorite shoulder movements is a Lateral Raise with the cable machine. So as you can see, the variation that I’m doing here is I am actually in front of the cable, so it’s behind my back, and I’m really just working my mid delt. And as you can also see, I’m leaning into the Lateral Raise as I do it.

So here I’m using the cable machine in a reverse fly motion. As you can see, my grip is pronated and I’m just using the cables to hit a nice rear delt exercise. My shoulders are depressed, my arms are nice and parallel. I’m not bringing my elbows up or down, and as you can see, I’m really targeting my rear delts.

So the last movement that I’m doing here is an Overhead Press, but it’s with the Smith Machine. As you can see, I’m using the barbell here and I’m bringing the barbell down below or back behind my head, down to about where my ponytail is, and then going right back up. So it’s nice and slow on the way down, and then I’m hitting full extension at the top there.

All right, guys. So that is a wrap on my shoulder isolation video. Remember, it only takes an hour. That’s it. Commit four or five times a week to getting something in for yourself.

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Thanks, guys.

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