Slim, Sexy, & Strong #6: Leg Day!

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Hey everyone, its Samantha here with EFX Sports. So, on today’s video of Slim, Sexy, & Strong with Samantha Roldan we’re going to be following me into the gym for a leg day.

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So, my lower half is really been an area I’ve been trying to work on this season. So, today we’re going to be targeting glutes, hamstrings, and quads all in one. So, come on, check it out.
So, the first exercise here is a Hack Squat. Notice my feet are pretty close together. They’re not spread out wide. I’m going down to just below parallel for three seconds in that negative motion and then pressing out at the top. So I’m going to repeat this for five sets. The first set is going to be a warm-up.

I’m going to do three working sets, and my last set I’m going to drop the reps and increase the weight.

Hamstring Curls will always be one of my favorites. So, here I’m doing three seconds on the negative. Then when my legs reach full extension, I’m getting a nice squeeze. I’m going to repeat this for 15 reps. I always start off with doing one warm-up set and then three working sets, and I typically increase the weight and go a little heavier, and then drop my reps for the last set.

So, here I am on the abduction machine to really target my outer glutes. I don’t like to sit back on the machine. I like to make sure that my body is upright so that I can really focus on my outer glutes when I’m pushing my legs out. Now I don’t like to lean forward. I know a lot of times you see people leaning forward. To me, I just think that it’s kind of a strain on your knees and your back. So, I mean, I like to keep the reps a little bit on the heavier side for 15 and then I’m going to give about four to five sets.

Alright, so now here is a Vertical Glute Lift on the Smith Machine. So, this is meant to really target your glutes. The reason why I like doing this verses, like, a vertical leg press is that I’m only going to be targeting my glutes. I’m not going to be feeling it in my quads or my hamstrings.

So, I really just make sure that at the top of this motion, I’m going to be squeezing my glutes, getting a full range of motion, coming all the way back down to the bottom. Secondary to my glutes, I do feel this in my core, which is an awesome secondary ab workout.

So, that was it for today’s leg video with Slim, Sexy & Strong with Samantha Roldan. If you guys like what you see, go ahead and like the video below or subscribe so you get to see all of my content. Thanks, guys.

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