Slim, Sexy, & Strong #4: Glutes In The Park

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Hey everyone, its Samantha here with Slim, Sexy, and Strong by Samantha Roldan, brought to you by EFX Sports. Today I’m going to be talking about glutes. So we’re always in the gym. Sometimes it’s nice to get like a change of pace and to get outside. So what I did was brought along a medicine ball, and a kettlebell, and just some bands, and I’m going to show you how to still get a really excellent glute and leg-focused workout while being outside just so you can see you don’t always have to be in the gym.

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It’s also really excellent if you’re on vacation to have these options as something really quick and easy, maybe something you can pull outside and just make sure that you’re getting it done. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy these exercises.

So I’ve got a 16-pound medicine ball here. And what I’m going to do is really work my shoulders at the same time, but mostly my glutes and my hamstrings by taking a wide stance where my toes are facing out, and I’m going to be doing ‘Wall Balls’ against this tree here.

So this exercise is just going to be a ‘Glute Bridge’. Now, I’m adding bands so that I can do some abduction work at the same time as hip thrusting. So I’m going to just come down, make sure my shoulder blades are above this curb here. Spread my legs out. Make sure I’m getting nice and deep. Coming all the way to the top and squeezing my glutes.

Now if you’re feeling like that’s too light, you can always add weight. You can use like a dumbbell, a kettlebell, or really anything. You’re going to rest it right on your hips, get just nice and deep and squeeze your glutes at the top. And you want to make sure that you’re driving off your heels, and not your toes on this motion.

So, what I have is a kettlebell here. I’m going to turn my toes out slightly, and I’m going to be showing you guys how to do a ‘Goblet Squat’, right. So, I’m just going to drop, making sure that I’m getting down below parallel, and when I say below parallel, I’m gonna make sure that my hip crease is lower than my knee crease. And then I’m keeping the weight nice and high, and my chest up, while driving my knees out. This is going to make sure I’m working my outer glute at the same time that I’m getting that depth.

Okay, so I’ve got my medium band on, and I’m just going to be doing a ‘Kickback’ to really target your glutes. So, I’m going to hold onto the bench for stability, in forward just a little bit, and just come back maintaining tension on the band the entire time, and just giving nice little pumps. Then I can switch and hit the other side.

So as a finisher to this glute workout, I’m going to go ahead and get in a squat position, and use my bands as a ‘Burnout’ set. I’m going to just be doing some abduction work.

Alright, guys, that’s a wrap on my glute video here at the park. I just wanted to show you that you can still get an excellent workout in without having to be at the gym. If you like what you see, make sure that you subscribe to the channel, click the Like button on the video down below here, and make sure that you stay tuned for more weekly videos with Slim, Sexy, and Strong by Samantha Roldan.

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