Living Lean #2: 3 Things I Wish Someone Would’ve Told Me

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Hey guys, Joseph here with EFX Sports. I’m super excited to make this video for you today because I wanted to share the three things that I wish somebody would have told me when I first started losing weight.

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And I want to tell you these three things because they’re things that I’ve learned over a period of time, and I think they’re very very important for us in our health and fitness journeys as a whole, especially when it comes to losing body fat and really transforming our bodies.

So here we go. Let’s start this thing out big. Perfectionism is not your friend. What do I mean by that? Well, here’s the deal. Many of us beat ourselves up whenever we fall off track when it comes to our weight loss goals, our fat loss goals, our health and fitness in general. We beat ourselves up if we have a bad meal that maybe we shouldn’t have had, or we skip a workout, or we don’t do as well in a workout as we wish we would have done.

Listen. It’s not about being perfect, all right. If you will stick to your to being on track, you’ll stick towards the goal, you’ll move forward and you’ll move the needle, all right. You’ll stay on track eighty to ninety percent of the time.

Listen, you’re going to reach those goals and you’re going to crush them, all right. It’s about being 80 to 90% on track. It’s not about being 100% on all the time. Listen, if you’re moving forward, that’s what’s important. If you’re moving the needle forward, that’s what’s important. Okay? It’s not about being perfect.

It’s about moving forward. It’s about making progress. I want you to remember that today.

All right, the second thing that I wish someone told me when I first started losing weight and getting in shape was this. You don’t need to work out for hours every single day to reach your goals.

Now I know some of you are thinking, but Joseph I thought we needed to do an hour of cardio in the morning, and then go back and do an hour of strength training in the afternoon. And then before we go to bed, I thought we had to do a thousand crunches. Listen, there is so much information out there telling you to do way more than you need to do.

All right, I’ve seen people get extraordinary results with 30 minutes a day. I personally work out about 45 minutes to an hour every day, and you’ve seen my pictures, and it’s working. All right, it’s working, and it works for those that I work with, my clients, and it works for hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people around the world.

You don’t need to do hours of cardio. You don’t need to do hours of strength training every day. You need to stimulate muscle growth, and you need to burn calories. You need to build endurance, and you need to be able to move your body effectively and become a functional person, and it does not take hours every day to do that, alright.

So I would encourage you with this. If you need a training program, reach out to us, and we will chat with you, we’ll help you in any way we can. I’ll personally help you with that. But guys, there there’s so much information out there that’s telling you to do way more than you need to do, all right. You need to do what works for you, what works for your lifestyle. If all you can do is 30 minutes a day, get in there and crush it for 30 minutes, all right, whether it’s at home, whether it’s in the gym, whether it’s on your lunch break going for a run, whatever, but just you can make it happen.

All right, the third thing that I wish somebody would have told me when I first started off losing weight, getting in shape, is this. Comparison is the enemy to your goals.

All right, what do I mean by that? If you will compare yourself to others, you’re never going to be good enough. All right, if you continue to compare yourself to who you’re seeing in the magazines, to these bodybuilders or these women you’re looking at on these magazine covers, or these men that are fitness models or whatever.

Listen, you’re never going to be good enough because it’s not about looking like someone else. It’s about looking like the best version of you,  all right? I want you to seriously get this because it’s huge. It’s not about having the body that someone else has. It’s about having your body, taking care of your body, moving forward, making progress.

And if you want to get lean, if you want to have, you know, abs or are you want to have, you know, defined muscles, listen, you can do that. And your body might look different than someone else’s body, which is okay. It’s about you being healthy, you being lean, you being in the best shape that you can possibly be in. And here’s the deal. You can do it.

All right, so you need to remember that today. Start moving forward today. Listen, you might have been in this place. Maybe these past few months, maybe these past few years. Of feeling hopeless about reaching your goals. Maybe feeling like you just can’t make real progress over a period of time.

I want to tell you if you’ll start today, you’ll begin to make small steps and start making small changes to your habits, to your lifestyle. You will get there. Give yourself grace. If you fall off track, just get back up on that horse and keep on riding, folks.

All right, this is a journey. This is a marathon. It’s not a sprint, and you’re going to make progress. You’re going to lose the weight, and you’re going to get in incredible shape.

Here’s the deal. It’s time to soar.

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