Slim, Sexy, & Strong #2: Meal Prep Secrets

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Hey everybody, it’s Samantha here with the EFX Sports. Today, we’re going to talk about meal prep, right? Why is it important? Why should we do it, and I also realized that there’s so many people out there that have never meal prepped before, so I’m just going to walk you through pretty much a day in prepping for myself.

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What it is that you’re going to need, some easy tips, easy snacks things that you can do throughout your day to kind of curb your appetite and just to make sure that you have everything that you need to be successful. So it’s really simple. The things that you would need is obviously your food, right?

Secondly, would be a metric on how to measure your food. So you’re going to need a digital scale, some measuring cups are really helpful, or even some containers like this one here that’s going to have like a one cup or two cup mark. Obviously, any of the containers to store your food in, and, of course, a lunch pail or a bag to take it all with you.

Now, I love my Six-Pack bag just because it has different compartments so I can store everything that I need. I can take my containers. I can take my snacks it even has a place for me to store a shaker cup, so it’s really helpful and really useful. I suggest you pick up all of these items so that you’re prepared to take your food with you wherever you go throughout your day.

Now, prepping your food. If you’ve never prepped before, keep in mind now, everybody’s preps going to be different, right? So I’m currently in bikini prep depending on what your goal is whether it’s to build mass, to build muscle, to lose weight, to lose fat, your macros are going to be different, your macronutrients being your carbs fats and proteins. And how you balance those is how you’re going to know and understand how to prep for your diet or your goal.

So for me today, I have my carb choice being some white jasmine rice, then my protein choice is just some grilled chicken breasts here that I already have kind of cut up, and then I’m keeping it really simple with some broccoli. Now for me, I typically don’t like to cook my veggies just because when I reheat them up later on, they become like really soggy. If they’re soggy, I won’t eat them.

So, what I like to do is just wash them, keep them on hand, and makes it really simple to then take it with me, put in the are in the microwave at work, and they’re like perfect. So that’s just a tip for later on for you guys.

Now, I typically like to eat breakfast at home, I have time in the morning. So I wake up, I make my eggs, I make my oatmeal. I don’t have to take that meal with me or plan for it. Same thing with dinner and usually home and can cook my dinner here, which is really amazing.

But, today I’m going to talk to you about the meals that I don’t get to just make, so it’s going to be a snack in the morning between breakfast and lunch, my lunch, and then about like by four p.m. meal, which is the meal that comes between lunch and dinner. So, my first meal or snack, which would come after breakfast, is going to be just a protein shake, some almonds, and some rice cakes. Now, I’m on prep. I understand that’s really boring.

But, luckily I’ve got my EFX shaper shaker cup here. So, I’m going to choose my cookies and cream isolate, really simple to store and take with me. I’m literally just going to open this bottom compartment here, stick my one scoop of isolate in it, take it with me, add water later on, and I’m good to go as far as my protein source for that meal.

Now, I have prepackaged one ounce of almonds. It’s about 23. It’s, really easy to stick them in a baggie, take it with you. That’s gonna go along with this, and I got some rice cakes. So that’s going to be my meal number two. That’s right after breakfast, or about two-and-a-half to three hours after breakfast.

Next is going to come lunch. Right? So this meal here I actually have to weigh out. Now, what you’re going to do is take your empty container, and turn your digital scale on. Make sure that you zero it out. A lot of people forget to zero out their scale so that they don’t actually include the weight of the container in with their with their meal.

So, I’m going to go ahead and weigh about four and a half ounces of protein out. Then, next I’m going to get my carb choice, which is going to be my white rice, and I’m using a cup to measure this so I’m going to do half a cup. Now, what you want to do is level out your rice or your potatoes or whatever your carb choices, and make sure that you don’t have like this heaping scoop. Now, that’s because that’s my portion size.

Like I said, everybody’s prep is going to look different now for me. I’m gonna go ahead and just take some broccoli, zero out my scale again. I want four ounces. So I’m just going to go ahead and weigh it.

It’s that simple literally. Put the lid on, and I’m done. After that, my meal number 4 is literally very similar. So I would repeat this process yet again. I would do four ounces of chicken, half a cup of white rice, and then another four ounces of broccoli. Luckily. I make it home in time for dinner, right, so I can go ahead and cook my meal fresh, which is really nice because at that point I can like season my vegetables and not have to worry about it.

For me, I’m constantly on the go so it’s just best for me to have like quick simple choices. Food is fuel. That’s how I have to think about it. Now when it comes to just my day being at work, I like to make sure that I have snacks on hand. Ones that I consider kind of empty would be my cucumbers and literally just cut it up.

You can add lemon to it, salt, any sort of seasoning. I’m not too particular about how I season my food as long as it’s like a dry rub, and I’m not adding additional fats to it’s usually fine. But, I really love these containers because I can measure out literally about a cup, and have it with me. Another thing that I like to make sure that I have with me at all times is a water jug, right?

So this is one gallon. I fill this up every morning and I take it with me. It’s really important to stay hydrated whenever, I mean really on a daily basis, but especially when you are trying to hit any sort of fitness goal. Anyway guys, I hope that this was helpful always always measure your food when it’s cooked.

You never want to measure like raw chicken or raw fish or anything. Just to make sure that you are accurate as far as your portion sizes. Anyway, I hope this is helpful. Thanks guys. I’ll see you guys soon.

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