Slim, Sexy, & Strong #1: Meet Samantha Roldan

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Hi everyone, this is Samantha here with EFX Sports. I going to be bringing some new and exciting content and sharing some tips and tricks that I have with all of you every week. And before I do that, I just wanted to go ahead and introduce myself, give you a little bit about my background.

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So I am a WNBF Bikini Pro, and I am also a diet and nutrition, as well as a strength and conditioning coach, and I’m very passionate about helping others and sharing what I know. Fitness and diet and nutrition changed my life, and I just want to be able to share the knowledge that I have with all of you.

So about 10 years ago, unfortunately, I fell victim to a hit-and-run car accident, and my car was sent over the center divider. I ended up having a back injury, so I crushed my lower spine essentially. I was out for about a year with no physical activity, I was bedridden for a long time.

The doctors had told me pretty much not to continue with any sort of training or weightlifting and to pretty much kiss like the gymnastics and everything that I was used to doing in my life goodbye because it wasn’t going to happen again.

You know, I believed them and for years I didn’t do anything. I was really unhappy with just going to work and going to school, and I kept my mind busy, but my body had completely changed. I had very little energy, I wasn’t strong, and I just kind of sat there, and I asked myself like is this the life that I wanted to continue living, and I knew it wasn’t it.

So I decided that I was going to start changing things, and I dove headfirst into you know, fitness and learning about my health and proper ways to eat, and I was really blessed to have some amazing coaches teach me about nutrition and strength training, Olympic lifting, and all of these people that were blessings in my life and shared things with me, you know, brought me to reach the levels of successes that I have, and I’m very grateful to them.

So I would love the opportunity to share the things that I know with all you guys and just to let you know that I know what it’s like to be there. I’ve been overweight, I’ve been discouraged. It is possible to balance work and goals and family and things like that while still living a healthy lifestyle, still being strong, not skinny, maintaining your weight, and I’m just really excited to bring you guys some new content. So I look forward to seeing you guys every week.

Thanks, guys.

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