Mixed Berry Kiwi Karbolyn Cubes


  • Yield:1 Serving
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time:5 minutes prep

 Here’s a fun way to take your supplements, make them into ice cubes! This one is a delicious, vegan-friendly concoction of rocket fuel that is sure to power you through your workout like a freight train! Freezing them into ice cubes helps keep your drink cold throughout your drive to the gym and your workout. I know, you can just use regular ice cubes, but that is so much less fun! Plus, your supplements will be pre-mixed and pre-measured, which can be monumentally convenient If you just get home from work and have to run right back out to the gym again. 

This is particularly great if you live in a warm climate, where everything you get to drink is perpetually luke-warm to hot. I used to live in Florida, where that was the case. Water from the faucet (even when you had it turned to cold) would be HOT like coffee. You get really creative with ways to keep yourself cool, especially when you are exerting yourself. Another thing I used to do was keep my hair wet which works unbelievably well, especially if you have long hair you can pull back into a ponytail. If you have shorter hair it will work, but not for as long. Now go ahead and steam-roll those weights! 



Calories: 200
Carbs: 50 g