EFX Sports Pro Trainer Eric DiLauro: Building a Bigger Chest

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Looking to build a bigger chest to get that summer body ready? Pro Trainer Eric DiLauro takes you through his chest workout and gives you the tips you need to build out those pecks.


1. Make sure you warm up before your exercise. Get blood flowing! This helps prevent injury and you’ll lift more weight.

2. Warm up on multiple machines and go light. A nice easy weight where you can squeeze the full rep and focus on the negative.

3. Explode out with the lift and return to the starting position slowly to really focus on the negatives.

4. For your warm-up set go 12-15 reps and increase weight.

5. Keep the intensity up and rest times lower. High Volume, High Intensity!

6. Vary your workouts to target the full chest. (You have to build that upper & lower chest) And you need to shock the body.

7. Flys open the chest to get more blood flow!

8. Incline Fly Machine helps target the upper inner chest. Remember to explode up and come down slow, focus on the negative.