Smashed Berry Tarts


  • Yield:2 Servings
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Time:10 minutes

Here is another way to make rice cakes taste a lot more like actual food than tasteless Styrofoam discs! This is a low-calorie recipe that is perfect for after a workout because they deliver protein, some carbs, and a flood of antioxidants to help you recover. There is also no added sugar, or sugar disguised as other things such as maple syrup. Their large size is also psychological because they look pretty large; making you feel like you ate a lot more than you actually did.

This is a recipe using several different kinds of berries. You can use all kinds of berries or just one kind depending on what you have available. I loved them all, but the blueberry was my favorite. There is just something about the flavor of blueberries! The one thing that is most important about the kind of fruit you use is that you must be able to squish it with a fork, so it turns into a jam-like substance. While it may look and behave like jam or jelly, it has not been preserved like jam or jelly so I can’t guarantee how long it will stay in the refrigerator unless you freeze it.


  • 1 scoop of EFX Sports protein of any kind (I used Pure Whey)
  • 1 cup of berries: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, anything that squishes well with a fork and is low in calories. If you use banana add 105 calories.
  • 4 rice cakes
  • 1 oz. low-fat cream cheese, high protein cream cheese, or Neufchatel cheese
  • 2 tbsp. nonfat plain Greek Yogurt
  • Granulated erythritol sweetener (as desired)


Wash the berries well and put them on a large plate. Mash them will a fork until they are flat and look like jam or preserves. Take the protein, Greek yogurt, and cream cheese and put it in a bowl. You can mix it with a fork, but using a hand mixer is much quicker and easier. Mix until there are no lumps. Spread this on top of the rice cakes, and then add the smashed berries. Take a spoon and sprinkle the erythritol sweetener over the tops of them if desired and then you can smash the smashed berry tarts!


Calories: 230
Protein: 18 g
Fat: 5 g
Carbs: 28 g
Fiber: 2.5 g