Lemon-Lime Recovery Stack

  • Yield:1 serving
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Time:5 minutes

This is a refreshing and mouthwatering combo of EFX Sports supplements that will help you refuel post-workout! Karbolyn is so much more convenient than eating—not that I have any problem in the world with eating! However, Karbolyn takes up so much less space in my gym bag and does not need refrigeration like food does. You also don’t have to chew it; hence my nickname for it: rocket fuel. Quickly digested carbs like Karbolyn are ideal post workout because your muscles are depleted of glycogen, and Karbolyn converts into glycogen very quickly. For this recipe, I prefer to use Lemon-Lime Karbolyn Hydrate because it has electrolytes that your body loses during exercise, but you can also use Cherry-Limeade Karbolyn. Either combo is absolutely delicious!

Also included is Kre-Alkalyn. It is a pH-buffered form of creatine that gives immediate results and is fully stable in liquids. EFX Sport’s very own formulator Dr. Jeff Golini invented it and holds the patent (US Patent #6,399,661). Creatine is one of the most popular supplements in the world of bodybuilding. It does a lot of amazing things when taken before a workout, but here I will address why to take it post-workout. Creatine enhances recovery (1); the finding of a study done in 2004 was that creatine reduces muscle damage and inflammation after exhaustive exercise. Another added plus is that it enhances muscle volume by helping the muscles hold water. After all, muscles are mostly water. Want big guns? Take Kre-Alkalyn! I’m a living testament, and so are all the shirts I had to throw away because my arms don’t fit in them anymore.

BCAAs trigger protein synthesis and prevent the breakdown of muscle cells, which can happen with long bouts of exercise such as cardio, thus sparing muscle tissue and creating a more favorable environment for muscle growth. They have also been found to reduce muscle soreness—I know we all love to ‘feeeeeel’ that workout the next day, but it’s also nice to be able to get out of the chair without muttering expletives under your breath that children could hear! Now I urge you to mix these yummy, yet refreshing and functional things together and enjoy them post-workout!



200 Calories
50 g Carbs
10 g BCAAs