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Hi. I had a question regarding the Test Charge. Will I need to take a pct (post cycle therapy) supplement after this? Also, what can I expect to gain from using this kit?



Hi, Steve. The short answer to this is no. To better understand how Test Charge effects the endocrine system, it’s important to have a general understanding of how hormones are regulated in the body.

Most hormones operate via a negative feedback mechanism. This means when you have optimal levels of a specific hormone, such as testosterone, the glands responsible for it receive a signal to shut down production so its levels don’t become too excessive. When these hormone levels are deficient, those glands receive a signal to fire back up again and resume production.

The negative feedback mechanism is like the thermostat of a house: Set the ideal temperature. As long as it remains warm enough, the furnace will stay off. When the temperature drops below the set-point, the furnace kicks back on and runs until it reaches that ideal temperature once again.

When your glands are not being used to produce hormones for any considerable length of time, they will begin to atrophy. For example, when a man undergoes hormone replacement therapy, or even self-medicates with anabolic steroids, his body will detect an excessive level of testosterone and then respond to this imbalance by shrinking the testicles, forcing them to produce less testosterone.

Synthetic Hormones

This happens because the body treats these synthetically derived hormones exactly the same as it would the natural hormones your body manufactures. When people flood their systems with hormones that are nearly identical to their natural ones, their bodies will respond by shrinking and shutting down the glands responsible for manufacturing those hormones.

In regards to the product Test Charge, this formula does NOT contain any hormones. Rather, its ingredients provide your glands better support for naturally manufacturing their own hormones, primarily testosterone. Since your body is not receiving additional hormones and naturally producing more optimally on its own, you won’t need to worry about your glands shutting down to compensate for excessive levels of hormones. Make sense?

As far as the benefits that can be obtained by using Test Charge, look no further than the opposite of the symptoms men suffer from as a result of low testosterone levels. In other words, Test Charge generally provides men with the following benefits: Increased libido, increased energy, increased strength, a more positive mood, more confidence, improved sleeping patterns, and an easier time reducing body fat levels. Low testosterone levels result in the opposite of all of these things.

One final point I want to make is that Test Charge works best for men within certain age groups that generally experience reduced testosterone as a result of the natural aging process. That would be for ages 35 and up. A 21-year-old guy won’t see much improvement using this supplement since his testosterone levels are likely already at optimal levels.

I hope this helps answer your question. I wish you all the best with your health and fitness goals! Thanks for reading!

Prove ‘Em Wrong,
Chad Shaw

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