Egg in a Patty

  • Yield:3 servings
  • Difficulty:Moderate
  • Time:30 minutes

This recipe is taken from a video I saw (and shared) on Facebook, which I was determined to “health-ify”! The original recipe called for ground beef, tons of salt, and frying it all in butter. Many people who commented on the post only saw clogged arteries… but I saw raw potential! Then, an idea popped into my head. The idea of an egg in a regular hamburger was a little bit boring to me as well, but the idea of an egg in a sausage patty sounded like sheer protein-y heaven! The verdict: it was heaven!

An egg in a patty is a mouthwatering gluten-free and ketogenic meal when it isn’t served with a bun or bread. I photographed and ate it with sprouted 7-grain bread over fresh spinach leaves, because my meal plan requires a few good carbs; especially on leg day. If you need gluten-free carbs, serve with your gluten-free carb of choice. I also added a slice and a half of turkey bacon which added to its breakfast-y like goodness!

My tweak on the recipe uses ground turkey instead of beef or sausage, although you can use lean ground beef if you desire. Ground turkey makes for a slightly more fragile burger, and you will probably need two spatulas to flip it. I made three patties and didn’t break any, so it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The person making these in the video obviously had a lot more experience making them than I did because his were a heck of a lot prettier, but this is definitely NOT the last time I’ll be making these! They were even amazing the next day. SO MUCH YUM.

To make the ground meat taste like sausage, you can buy sausage spice either at the supermarket or order it online. I did not know this even existed until I saw it for sale at a specialty spice shop and promptly grabbed it off the shelf. It can be a little high in sodium, but a little bit will flavor a large amount of meat, so I didn’t add any salt.


  • 1 package of ground turkey or lean ground beef
  • 3 cage free eggs
  • ¼- ½ tsp. Garlic powder
  • ¾ tsp, sausage seasoning
  • 6 thin slices of turkey bacon
  • ½ tsp. rosemary
  • ½ tsp. fresh ground black pepper
  • Nonstick cooking spray
  • 3 buns or 3-6 bread slices if desired. Nutrition is calculated without a carbohydrate.


Mix the spices in with the meat by kneading it until they are evenly distributed. Make two large meatballs as nicely round as you can, then put on a plate and flatten with your palm. Find a thin glass or plastic tumbler and force it into the center of both patties, cutting a hole. Take the middles out of the patties and combine them, then roll them into a log-shape, lay them on the plate and form into a circle. Make sure you have fuse the loose ends together well.

Spray a large pan (I used 2 pans) with nonstick cooking spray and set on medium heat. The patties are pretty fragile right now, so carefully set them in the pan with a spatula. Put the turkey bacon in between the burgers and let it cook until done, flipping once. Let the bottoms of the patties brown, then flip carefully and let the other sides brown. Press it firmly with the spatula; this will help prevent the egg from escaping the bottom (which it probably will a little, so don’t be alarmed).

Crack an egg into each hole and let cook on low until the white of the egg looks cooked. When you want to flip it, test to make sure it won’t pull away from the meat. (I took two spatulas, one on each side, and flipped them.) Who knows, maybe I was just being overly paranoid and obsessive? Nevertheless, they didn’t break! Let them cook for a few minutes on the other side until you feel they are done. I like my yolks runny, but the white not runny, so I cooked my eggs (using my psychic powers) until I thought they would come out they way I like. When you serve these, prepare for other people in your household (beginning with yourself) to begin bugging you to make these again and again!


Calories: 447
Protein: 51.4 g
Fat: 26 g
Carbs: 1.1 g