Low Carb Breakfast Pizza

  • Yield:1 serving
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Time:10 minutes

A long time ago, a lame poorly lit cellphone picture of an omelet on my Instagram feed became the most popular picture I had for about a year and a half. Why? Chad had made eggs that tasted just like pizza. Yes, it’s possible to have your eggs taste like pizza—and have it fit into your macros too! Good news for those on a Ketogenic Diet: this recipe has less than 2 grams of carbs! Besides the yummy flavor, the best thing is that it’s really inexpensive, easy to make, and you can find the ingredients in almost any store. If you want to add some carbs, just nuke a sweet potato or have a glass of Karbolyn!

Along with breakfast, I like to take VitaDrive. VitaDrive is a potent and well-formulated multi that contains a large number of B vitamins, which is of advantage to athletes in particular because they help us convert the food we eat into fuel. The best time to take these vitamins is at breakfast unless you want some really bizarre lucid dreams! (Some of us do! Just make sure you fall asleep thinking about something good!) There was even a small, double-blind study published in Perceptual and Motor Skills in 2002 that found a correlation between B6 and lucid dreams, though more research needs to be done on the subject.

In the study, 12 college students took 250 milligrams of B-6 before bed, and they reported an increase in their ability to remember their dreams. They recorded their dream salience (i.e., vividness, emotionality, strangeness, and color) to be significantly different when they took the higher levels of B6 (250 mg) than on nights when they did not take the vitamin.

Now that was the king of all tangents, wasn’t it? It’s funny how a breakfast recipe can turn into directions on how to increase the bizarreness of dreams! There are a ton of other vitamins that VitaDrive has in it we all need along with the B vitamins, such as folate, selenium, iodine, and zinc. That must be why my nails are growing like crazy! Ok, I’ll spare you from another tangent…

Here’s the recipe (before you get tempted to throw me off a building):


  • ½ cup liquid egg whites
  • 1 egg
  • 1/8 cup of cheese
  • 4 pepperoni slices –turkey pepperoni is lower in calories and fat
  • 2 basil leaves–fresh is best
  • ½ tsp dried oregano
  • ½ tsp Italian Seasoning
  • ¼ tsp hot pepper (optional)
  • ¼ tsp garlic powder (optional)
  • Nonstick cooking spray


Spray a wide pan with nonstick spray, and put your stove on low heat. Take your eggs, egg whites, and pour them in a bowl. Whip the egg with a fork until well blended. Pour the egg mixture into the pan, then cut or rip the pepperoni pieces into small pieces, and sprinkle them evenly across the egg mixture. Next, sprinkle in the fresh herbs, then the powdered ones. Let it cook on low heat until the surface is mostly dry, maybe even a little moist. If you’re really good, you can flip the omelet carefully without ripping it. Then, sprinkle on the cheese and let it cook until melted. Or, you can fold it in half with the cheese in the middle if you’re not quite an omelet ninja just yet. You can also make it into scrambled eggs—after all, it’s all going to the same place!

Now, you can enjoy pizza for breakfast…without the guilt!


Total with Turkey Pepperoni
Calories: 210
Protein: 27 g
Fat: 10.5 g
Carbs: 1.8 g

Total with regular Pepperoni
Calories: 296
Protein: 29 g
Fat: 18.5 g
Carbs: 1.8 g