Ask The Trainer #88 – Steroids Or Not Steroids?


Thank you very much for your advice….Can you tell me if you have ever tried steroids and if you think that it would hurt me if I tried them just for a short time?



Hi, Anuj. No, I haven’t used steroids before because I want to preserve my health for the long-term, and also for ethical reasons. I personally think people get themselves in trouble when they dabble with God’s chemistry.

When you’re educated on proper training protocols and natural supplementation, you can make amazing progress without drugs! I personally know many people who’ve developed amazing physiques without ever touching a steroid or hormone. My fellow EFX Sports team members have built phenomenal muscular physiques naturally. Of course, they all work very hard and remain consistent with their training and nutritional programs. They also take EFX Sports supplements, which, in my opinion, are the most effective supplements on the market for natural bodybuilders and athletes to take.

Anyway, here’s what you do need to know about steroids. I wouldn’t try them at all because typically drugs beget more drugs. People “try” 1 short cycle. The next thing you know, they are wrapped up in the whole drug culture.

Chad Shaw

People get themselves into trouble when they start playing with their hormonal chemistry. The hormones in your body are like a perfect recipe for a gourmet dish. Each of the 22 hormones in your body are the ingredients for that perfect recipe. While there are some extremely knowledgeable people, no person on earth has the knowledge to administer these drugs in a perfectly balanced fashion that’s optimal for good health. Like a gourmet chef, your body has the ability to combine all these ingredients in perfect proportions for optimal health. The pituitary gland is the master chef that measures and mixes all of these ingredients perfectly.

Anytime you add anything additional to these ingredients, other than what the recipe calls for, it will affect all the other ingredients. In other words, you can’t take testosterone, or any other anabolic agent, without it effecting luteinizing hormone, FSH, DHEA, thyroxin, cortisol, estrogen, and so on. Just like the perfect gourmet recipe, if there is too much of one ingredient, or not enough of another, or extra ingredients that the recipe doesn’t call for, then the quality of the dish will suffer, and it spoils the end product. This can result in a multitude of possible health issues. Though the short-term effects can make it tempting to use these compounds, in the long run, they could make you wish you’d never touched them.

By the way, this doesn’t necessarily apply to Test Charge by EFX Sports. Why? Because it’s NOT a hormone or hormone replacement. Rather, Test Charge works with your body to help it produce additional testosterone…that is, more of its own. Certainly not at drug-like levels, but better than where y might be right now.

One last fact to also consider: these drugs are illegal, and the Feds do NOT mess around when they catch someone. You can face multiple years in prison, even for a first-time offense. Steroid shipments coming from out of the country get seized all the time. I personally know a few guys locally who were been busted. Consequently, they had to face jail time.

Furthermore, understand that most steroids are counterfeit. So, they will be ineffective anyway, or worse yet, they may contain other dangerous chemicals that cause bodily harm.

Think this decision through very carefully!

Prove ‘Em Wrong,
Chad Shaw

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