Healthy Meatloaf Minis

  • Yield:6 Servings
  • Difficulty:Moderate
  • Time:60 minutes

This recipe was inspired by a recipe by Mandi Grantham and the Facebook group ‘Moms with Muscles’. When Chad saw it, he just HAD to try it. They are like tiny little meatloaves made in muffin tins rather than loaf pans. These are a complete meal in itself…just add a salad!


1 pack ground turkey 20 oz./1.25 lb.
1 cup cooked brown rice
1 whole egg
4 egg whites
2 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese (optional)
½ medium onion
½ green pepper
¼-1/2 tsp Garlic, 1/8-1/4 tsp black pepper, ¼ cup chopped fresh basil, ¼ cup spinach, ¼ cup fresh chopped parsley, 1/8th tsp sea salt, other spices as desired.


Mix ingredients in a bowl and put the mixture in a muffin tin sprayed with non-stick cooking spray, bake 40 min @ 330 degrees. Then…serve and enjoy!


Calories: 216
Protein: 22.5g
Fat: 8.1g
Carbs: 9.5g

*to save on calories per serving, use ground turkey breast instead of plain ground turkey. (Saves 7g fat per serving and about 63 calories).