Ask The Trainer #58 – Flexing Like Flex


What “supplements” should I take to achieve Flex Wheeler’s body in the next few months? Currently, I am 158 lbs shredded.



Hi, Nick. There’s really no way to answer this without being blunt. The cold, hard truth is that NOBODY—EVER—and I mean NEVER—will develop a physique like Flex Wheeler in only a few months!

I don’t care what kind of “supplements” you’re on, or how hard you work; it just isn’t going to happen! Flex Wheeler was among the rarest of bodybuilding champions. He was blessed with extraordinary genetics which allowed him to build massive, well-proportioned muscle bellies that tapered down to small joints—giving him a phenomenally aesthetic appearance.

But, there was a lot more to Flex Wheeler’s physique than remarkable genetics, taking the right “supplements” and showing up at the gym.

Commitment To Greatness

You see, great champions like Flex Wheeler have made an unprecedented commitment to reach the maximum possible limit of their physical potential. This type of commitment involves making extraordinary compromises and sacrifices that less than a percent of bodybuilders in this world are willing to make.

Going down this road is anything but ice cream cones and unicorns. To reach this level means to literally have every minute of every waking hour micromanaged to such an extent that bodybuilding is the ONLY thing you seem to live for. The entirety of your existence will be limited to training, food prep, and contest prep.

Think you’re going to enjoy a nice big holiday meal with your family? Nope. The food everyone else eats won’t be conducive to your meal plans. After a long, hard week you want to go out and grab a few slices of pizza, then wash it down with a couple of beers with the guys? Forget about it.

Competing at the level leaves zero flexibly with your diet plan. Chad ShawYour girlfriend or wife wants to go catch a movie? Sorry, not going to happen. This will cut into one of your meals or workouts.

And how about going on a nice relaxing vacation? Nope. The only vacation you’re going on is traveling to compete—and after the show, your next show prep must begin immediately. You must dedicate your life almost exclusively to training and eating boring food. Sound like fun?

Bodybuilders sometimes take dangerous measures to compete at this level. In fact, Flex Wheeler openly admits that some of these tactics nearly cost him his life.

Contest Prep

Contest prep at this level involves a ludicrous amount of depletion that will have a very adverse effect on all of the subsystems of the body. Dehydration and electrolyte depletion have literally killed competitors right on stage. This is something I’ve witnessed even at some of the lowest level amateur bodybuilding contests, where lesser caliber bodybuilders were taking extreme measures trying to get 1 step closer to becoming a pro.

Undoubtedly, Pros pretty much must use drugs to reach that level. But, using all of the latest, greatest, most potent cocktail of drugs known to mankind will still not guarantee success.

Even if you’re blessed with elite genetics, this prospect is very doubtful. Many aspiring and relatively young bodybuilders have died chasing this dream.

As I said before, you must make extraordinary compromises to go down this road. So, consider them carefully.

Even if you happen to be blessed enough to become one of the lucky ones, your success will be relatively short-lived. You cannot continue to stress your physiology with continuous drug use before you inevitably begin to succumb to health issues and are forced to quit. That is if you intend to keep living!

Hormone Levels

Your body has a way of protecting itself from having too many hormones within it. It shuts down its natural hormone production to compensate for the excessive amounts of synthetic hormones. In other words, your testicles will shrink and may even become incapable of producing testosterone again. Additionally, erectile dysfunction and sterility are pretty much a sure bet at this point.

Furthermore, steroids suppress cortisol in the body. So, you’re likely going to experience a massive rebound effect with destructively high levels of cortisol. As you probably know, cortisol is a hormone that breaks down muscle tissue like crazy. Imagine the combination of having little or no testosterone in your body, along with excessively high cortisol and estrogen levels.

Your muscle will deteriorate and your body fat levels will skyrocket!

Some former steroid users also develop “man boobs” as a result of the poor testosterone-to-estrogen ratios. (For example, think about former Olympia contender Craig Titus. He probably wishes he could look like you now!)

Nick, it sounds like you’ve built a pretty good physique already, though you may wish you had more size. Then again, what bodybuilder doesn’t?

I strongly encourage to explore your natural potential. Train properly and consistently. Work hard and visualize bodybuilding success. Supplement with creatine, protein, BCAAs, glutamine, and testosterone boosters.

Doing it naturally will take significantly longer. BUT… your bodybuilding longevity will probably be twice as great as it would be if you were to go the chemical enhancement route. I know several natural bodybuilders above the age of 60 who are still enjoying a ripped, muscular physique and making gains in the gym.

If you truly love the process of bodybuilding, then you’ll want to do it as long as you possibly can, right?

Prove ‘Em Wrong,
Chad Shaw

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