Ask The Trainer #24 – Is Tribulus A Legit Test Booster?


What are your thoughts about using tribulus? Does age matter? Also, do you see or hear of any side effects from taking it?





Tribulus Terrestris (or Puncture Vine) is probably one of the most popular natural testosterone boosting herbs.

The is due to some researchers claiming it increases Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels. This would then stimulate the Leydig cells of the testicles to increase testosterone production.

However, research has yet to provide any concrete evidence Tribulus supplementation offers these particular benefits in humans.

Tribulus Research

In one popular study, large doses of Tribulus were injected into baboons and rhesus monkeys. While it shows some positive effects, this is quite a contrast to how a human might use Tribulus.

Unless you’re a monkey injecting Tribulus intravenously, this study doesn’t offer any definitive evidence Tribulus is an effective testosterone booster.

Furthermore, in some rat and rabbit studies, where Tribulus was orally administered, testosterone levels did not increase at all.

Chad Shaw

Additionally, several studies sponsored by supplement manufacturers demonstrated that Tribulus extract, containing at least 10% Protodioscin, did, in fact, increase testosterone levels.

However, several other studies, not sponsored by supplement manufacturers, revealed Tribulus did not increase testosterone levels. Overall, the science supporting Tribulus Terrestris is quite vague and inconclusive.

There are limited studies showing that Tribulus could possibly be useful in lessening the symptoms of Angina—chest pain resulting from inefficient blood flow to the heart. There are also a few studies showing some degree of benefit for people experiencing sexual problems and infertility.

Age Matters

Finally, regarding any type of natural testosterone booster. Unless you are over the age of 30, you’re probably not going to notice as much of an advantage using them.

Outside of any endocrine issues, your natural testosterone levels should already be on the higher end of the scale. Not to mention they can only get so high anyway.

I will admit that using a REAL testosterone booster like Test Charge makes a world of difference for more ‘seasoned’ men like myself who are experiencing a natural decline in hormone levels due to the aging process.

The bottom line is this: Research does not suggest Tribulus is harmful. However, spending money on something that probably isn’t going to provide the intended benefit certainly IS harmful to one’s bank account.

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