Ask The Trainer #1 – Meet Chad Shaw Part 1

Ask The Trainer #1 - Meet Chad Shaw Part 1

Meet Chad Shaw – Part 1…

Greetings to all of my fellow fitness enthusiasts! My name is Chad Shaw. I was recently granted the honor of joining EFX Sports! I’m here to answer your questions regarding fat loss, muscle building, nutrition, general health, supplements, etc.

For those who may not know me, let me explain my significance in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. I’ve been training naturally for nearly 30 years now.

The Beginning

My journey began in childhood when I was plagued with many serious health problems—some even life-threatening. I had many biomechanical disorders and health maladies. As a result, the doctors said it would be “impossible” for me to ever be a bodybuilder. It sure seemed that way as I spent most of my childhood in the hospital or seeing multiple doctors.chad kid

But, despite all the self-doubt and the dismal prognosis, my desire to become a bodybuilder still burned deep within me. The more I focused on it, the greater it became. The greater it became, the more conquerable I realized my obstacles actually were. Fear and doubt would NOT rule me!

Victory At Last

I finally achieved the impossible when I stepped on stage at the just 16 years old (see photo below) and actually won my first bodybuilding competition! It was at that point I truly fell in love with bodybuilding and fitness, realizing I had reached the ‘point of no return’. Throughout my journey, I’ve competed and placed respectably in numerous other bodybuilding competitions, and, more recently, in some powerlifting competitions.

chad shaw first competition

In 2008, I created a profile on Body Space (’s social network), where my personal story began to grab the attention of fellow members. As my story gradually gained more exposure, I was ultimately voted among the Top 10 ‘Most Inspirational’ profiles out of 10,655,432 members and have remained in that position… for over 7 years! Consequently, this exposure has given me the opportunity to write articles for, World Physique, Planet Muscle, and numerous other bodybuilding and fitness websites.

Ultimately, my greatest victories have not been trophies, nor notoriety in the bodybuilding world. No…my greatest victories by far have been sharing my knowledge and experiences with thousands of other men and women to give them inspiration and the hope that they too can overcome and actualize their greatest dreams, just like I did. In other words, if I can make it happen—SO CAN YOU!

Which brings me to this point: YOUR questions determine the content of this blog. You see, EFX Sports and I are here to shed some light on anything you might want to know about exercise, nutrition, motivation, health, supplements, etc. I’m sure you understand that I may not be able to answer every single question. But… I promise to do my best to try and answer as many as possible! Ok, are you ready?”

Prove ‘Em Wrong,
Chad Shaw

P.S. Here’s a short video from a few years ago that also tells my story.

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